Diane Lublinski

dianne-lublinskiI  was  born  in  New  York  City  and  grew  up  in  South  Florida  where  I continue to make my home.   Born of Cuban Spanish parents I had a rich multi cultural upbringing..

I am drawn to the figurative form influenced by a childhood love of fantasy,  expressing  the  absurdity  of  things  while  drawing  influence from  unexpected  sources  like  the  lyrics  of  music  and  nursery rhymes.

As a self-taught artist I am sensitive to proper technique.   I have a clear idea of what I want before I start a new piece.  However, I do not make sketches but immediately get started with a combination of wheel thrown pieces, coils and slabs.  I alter by pinching, cutting and adding clay until my idea emerges.

My  work  is  decorated  with  colored  slips  and  underglazes  while  still wet  and  then  fire  to  1830°.    After  adding  pigmented  washes  and glazes my final firing to 2232° completes the process.

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