Emilie Chaix

emilie-chaixWe are delighted to have Emilie Chaix, and her wonderful sculptural creations join Lucky street Gallery. Emilie spent her childhood between the US and France, including some time in Key West. She first turned to language as an editor and translator as a career, then in 2000 turned about and decided to make jewelry out of cloth and embroidery.
Formerly collaborating with Christian Lacroix on couture collections, Emilie created extravagant adornments for the fashion house. She now turns her talents to fabrications of small sculptures, some standing, some hanging, all with incredibly fine hand work that is the basis of their personalities. Porcelain, antique cloth, lace, paint, beads, papier mache, bark, combine into forms that are a little bit primitive, a little bit fantasy, and the perfect unique home companion.

She resides in Paris with her two children, Cesar and Mona and visits Key West annually to spend time with her mother, the indomitable Marie Mathews.

Emiie explains that:  My art expresses a need to surround myself with a family, to create an imaginary tribe that is real at the same time, with its own rituals, totems, fetishes, headdresses and adornments. The link between the jewelry of my early work and today’s sculptures is embroidery: it has been and remains my script, my language, a sacred music with a rhythm all its own.

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