Michel Delgado

michel-delgadoMichel Delgado, a self-taught artist who grew up in Senegal on the west coast of Africa, is considered one of the most visionary Brut artists of our generation. He creates work that is completely free from optical mannerisms such as perspective or a vanishing point. As other Naïve painters before him, Delgado’s work often brings to mind images created by children, so obviously untrammeled by academic training. It is filled with intense and basic colors, crisply painted shapes, and meticulous attention to detail.

Delgado’s paintings are narratives. They convey memory, time, and history.

Woven in the fabric of the natural world, Delgado has a fresh and direct vision. Michel Delgado’s paintings have received many honors and awards since he first began exhibiting professionally. Delgado’s commissioned paintings are in numerous prestigious private collections worldwide; he has been chosen to participate in select juried exhibitions throughout the United States; and his work has been featured in scores of solo and group exhibitions, including Lucky Street. He is a recent South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship recipient.

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