Art submission process

Lucky Street Gallery is constantly looking for emerging and mid-career artists seeking representation. We ask that artists who wish to submit their portfolios first review our roster of current artists’ work to better understand our focus and mission to represent the highest quality contemporary arts.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we have developed Guidelines for Gallery Review.

We prefer that submissions are sent to us; either by post or courier. If the submission is to be returned to the artist we ask that a self-addressed, stamped envelope be included with the submission for returns. We cannot return submissions without proper return postage.

Portfolios should contain:

  •  A minimum of five images of recent work accompanied by titles, dimensions and medium.
  • An Artist biography listing previous/current exhibitions and representation, education, and personal data such as phone and e-mail.
  • Viewing actual work by the Gallery must be scheduled in advance.
  • We will accept as a submission; high quality photos, CDs or jump drives.
  • Artist’s websites DO NOT replace submissions, although you may include your website address in your submission.
  • Review generally requires a thirty-day time period. If we have questions or require additional information, we will contact you.